My bucket list!!!

 Yes, I  have a long list.......

                                                         (Image Source: Google)
  1. Owning a personal library, fully equipped with all the classics.
  2. Meet J.K Rowling.
  3. Visit Harry Potter Museum in London (yes, I am obsessed with harry potter).
  4. Road trip with best friends.
  5. Watch India-Pakistan Match in stadium.
  6. Travel alone across rural India.
  7. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  8. Learn baking.
  9. Ride all the rides in an amusement park.
  10. Learn driving bike (gear one, I can fly gearless :p).
  11. Own a house.
  12. Attend a concert (A.R Rehman preferred ).
  13. Paint my room/wall.
  14. Learn any dance form (I have two left feet).
  15. Sleep in dead sea Israel.
  16. Learn playing guitar.
  17. Watch Cherry Blossom in Japan.
  18. Learn to swim.
  19. Visit Paris, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, London (Hmph list is endless).
  20. Chill on a hammock.
  21. Go Snorkelling and Paragliding and Scuba Diving.
  22. A complete makeover right from head to toe.
  23. Join any NGO which works for women empowerment.
  24. Visit a random place alone.
  25. Lose at least 10kg weight :(
  26. Ummmmm, I will tell you as soon as it gets updated in my mind!!!


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