It's Meee!!!!


       Welcome To My Space. I am
  • An Ordinary Small Town Girl.        
  • From Land Of Mahabharta-Kurukshetra.
  • A Software Engineer By Mistake and Going to Enter a B-school Soon.
  • A Self-Confessed Bookworm
  • Harry Potter Obsessed.
  • Absent-minded as well as Confused.
  • Prefers Books over People.
  • Prefers Ice-creams over Chocolate.
  • Love Cooking.   
  • Always on a Weight Loosing Spree :(
  • Can't Live Without Music.
  • Clumsy. 
  • A Nocturnal Creature.
  • Meaningful Lyrics Instantly Put me On.
  • A Child Refusing To Grow Up :p
  • Taking Life as it Comes.
  • An Amateur Photographer.
  • Bundle of Contradictions
    I crib, I cry,I cry and Again crib for crying.
          Confused Right  Me Too :)


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