Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Queen of Bollywood

I know till now most of you had already watched the movie and also thinking that oh again another one going gaga over it. And yes, you are right, I was bowled over by the sheer simplicity of the story and the way characters are weaved. Right from the start where Kangana is voicing her innermost feelings to the end when she finally gave back her engagement ring, it is all so simple yet so meaningful. Queen is the story of every other Indian girl who has little little expectations of her marriage and life partner. A simple girl who obeys every wish of the people she love and gives a backseat to her own dreams.

Rani is someone whom you can relate to, she has small wishes yet big dreams, she is trying to be confident yet scared. A girl who has never been outside Delhi wants to go Amsterdam, explore Paris. Then suddenly all dreams shatter, leaving her shocked to death. But the way she comes out of her sorrow is something remarkable

 Then she starts off with the most beautiful yet most difficult journey of her life. A journey which gives her self-confidence, freedom, friends, and happiness. This is the journey where she discovers herself as well as the world around her. She makes friends, drink, dance, have fun and in the midst of all this finds the most important answers of her life.

At last when she come back to India, she is a confident girl who can take decisions of her life without any advice and help.

What I liked most about the movie was that the whole movie and characters are so relatable and real. I have never been a big fan of Kangana Ranaut but after seeing her as Rani I would only say that this role is tailor made for her and she brings life to the character. Rani's dreams, her hesitation before her marriage, her shock when marriage breaks and the way she comes out of it, everything is so aptly done by Kangana. Every character is so up to the mark and songs doesn't look forced.

Another thing that is really remarkable about this movie is the way audience accepted this story. I mean if the movie had been released five years back either it would either be a flop or the end would have been different(they would have showed Rani going back to her good for nothing fiance ). but the way audience accepted this movie shows that time has come that our film industry should grow up and stop showing women as a showpiece. Time has come to show us some ground reality and not those big villas, oh so beautiful locations.
                Right folks!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What Women’s Day really means.....

 So what women’s day means to you???
 Giving chocolates and flowers or updating an inspirational status on Facebook or even better tweeting about it. That’s it, right.
Nowadays, Women’s Day has been reduced to nothing but just another marketing gimmick.
Sad na but in one way or another we are increasing it.
It is high time that we know what really women’s day means.
 No, it’s not about pampering her for that one day, but it’s about respecting her all 365 days of the year.
It’s not about taking her to a fancy restaurant, but it’s about respecting her identity.
It's not about giving her those pricey chocolates, but respecting her choices in life.
It’s not about giving her compliments on her dress, but accepting her the way she is.
So stop judging her on the basis of her clothing.
No she is not inviting  you by wearing that dress, what she wears is about herself, so stop giving yourself this much importance.
 Start respecting her choices in life.
So what if she doesn’t want to marry, it’s her life her choices.
 Sorry, but when she says no she means it, so stop misinterpreting her wordings. Start respecting her.
Start treating her as equal. She is a human being first and then a woman, a wife, a mother.
Respect her dignity. Respect her individuality.
Let her live the way she wants.
Only then there would be any meaning to these Women’s Day celebrations.

For me Women’s Day celebration means when I can stand straight with my head held high and take proud to say that yes I am a Woman.


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