Thursday, 18 June 2015

Can Love be Arranged?


So my best friend is getting married-“an arranged marriage”. Like every other girl she also dreamed of her prince charming, no not someone coming on a white horse, but a person who will be her soul-mate and be with her for entire life. Now when she has found someone or more specifically her parents had found someone for her, has she finally found her prince charming? Will she be able to find love in this perfectly arranged “arrange marriage”?

They say love is the ultimate feeling in this universe, that there is nothing beyond it. Every person has a different definition of love. For some love is respect, for others its caring and sharing, for some it is being together in every phase of life. But when two people come together in an arranged marriage setup, what are the things that bind them together? Does love happen with time? Many of you will say yes, they do fall in love in most of the cases. But is that love or just a feeling of attachment, or a forceful love that happens because now you have to spend your life with your spouse so why not start loving him. Can you really find your soul mate in an arranged marriage or you only start adjusting?

   Though according to statistics arranged marriages are more successful as compared to love marriages but do that success rate come from pure love or because of family pressure and social desirability factor. Now this is a million dollar question right!

Whatever be the answer for this question, I just wish she can find all the happiness of the world and true love knocks her door!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Goodbye note to a very special friend!!

Dearest S,

So this is it, finally you are off to a new start of your life. When we first met, I never expected that we will come this far, but slowly you started opening up and I realized that real you is entirely different. I know, right now you must be saying that "ae dukhi na kar" but today you have to bear me, no other option. You know what, if 6 months back somebody would have told me that I will miss you this much, then I would have called him crazy. But I don't know when things changed and you became an integral part of my life.

Now who will bug me saying plz padha, plz padha de and who will keep teasing me for every single thing.You know what I will miss you. I will miss your bakwas, your never calling me by name, your pagalpanti, your idiotic talks, last minute exam revisions with you, always editing your assignments and most I will miss being with you, you know why because I can be myself with you and you never tried to change me. Okay now enough ,its getting a bit dramatic and filmy and please abhi tu jyada hawa mein mat udd jaana, hai to tu ek number ka sadu hi. 

      Now it's time for some gyann from Big Sister :P.You are going to start a new, really important phase of your life and I know you will surely excel in it. But please do one favor to me,start living a bit more freely, make lots of new friends, start expressing yourself, start doing things what you really want to and not what you think are right. You know what sometimes it's okay to loosen up and where you are heading, it's important also with all the stress that will soon come to you. Start laughing and trying new things, do some silly things and just make yourself happy. I know right now you are heart broken and may be feeling a bit shattered but trust me this one time, you will soon get over it. No, you will not forget your past but you will secure it as a very special memory that will always bring smile on your face. And one day you will find someone who will make you realize that why it never worked with anyone else.

      And now enough of my bakwas, at the end, I just want to thank you for always being you.I don't know how much I mean to you but for me you are a wonderful friend, whom I will cherish my whole lifetime. I truly wish you will get everything you want and not all those things that you think you want, but what you truly want from the bottom of your heart.I don't know what life holds and if we will be in touch for long or not but for me you will always be my best friend and my little irritating and annoying brother. 

Always keep smiling and don't worry I will always remember my Book Cafe deal :P
Be happy always and don't worry itni jaldi tera peecha chodne ka mera koi iraada nahi hai, I will keep  bugging you always.
Will really miss you drama queen and nautanki :P

Thank you for giving me lots of memories.

P.S: Life here will never be same without you.

One of my dearest friend is leaving this college and going to pursue his MBA from one of India's best b-school. This a good-bye note for him. 

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