Friday, 5 September 2014

Randomness Personified :P

So, it has been almost two months since I have started a new phase in my life. And I am really loving this. Its a random post on what's happening around life. So finally I have lived through 2 months of MBA, which by the way is very big deal. Okay and right know I am in a super frustrated mode that's why here comes my first rant post :p

  • What's wrong with Chandigarh's mausam. I mean every year I use to crib that its raining here but not at my place but this time it is completely opposite!!! Yes Rain Gods have transferred their loyalty to my hometown. And that's what we call cheating :(
  • Why are people(okay girls!!) so overdressed here or am I turning into a grandma??
  • Does MBA only means loads of lectures,projects and endless assignments. Really from last two months I seem to be doing these things only. My social life has gone for a toss() and lets not talk about reading please!!
  • Why do people judge you on every single step you take??? If I don't wanna go party that doesn't mean I am boring, it just means that I don't feel like partying as simple as that!!!
  • I hate getting up in the morning these days and who will not if you are living on just 3 hours sleep every night. And my alarm clock is on the top of my hit list,sigh!!!
  • And still this 3 hour sleep seems luxury to our profs and they keep nazar lagaying to it by saying oh you young folks don't need to sleep more than 2 hours. And that is the case when we attend classes from 8 to 5 and then try to lessen ever increasing burden of assignments till wee hours of mornings.What are we robots??
  • Apart from all these things I have found something that I absolutely love.Punjab University has this huge library filled with loads of literature but sadly I don't get enough time to read nowadays :(

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