Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Post Great Election Tamasha!!!

So here ends The Great Indian Election Circus and what a superb ending it is with lots of emotion drama celebrations and also disappointments. I guess everybody had expected the same results also. Finally, we can take a break from all these Modi and Rahul jokes. But what next, I mean what is going to change by the change in government.

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Will the new government be able to change the sad plight of women in the country? Or be able to provide youngsters a secure future? Will soon to be prime minister be able to prevent corruption? Are problems like female foeticide and child abuse going to national issues or not? Or as always all these problems will be ignored royally.

May be I sound like a person who can't see any positivity in a situation, but I don't know what to expect from NaMo. India for the first has voted for a change and I really hope that changes happen. Wishing for a bright future of  India!!!


  1. Well , everybody has these questions . I guess we will just have to wait and watch .

    Love this cute space of yours and YAY ! i am a harry potter fan too , but then who isn't ? Visit me sometime - . Cheers !

  2. Ya I guess we just have to wait for sometime to get these answers. Anyways thanx for stopping by Shonazee.

  3. I too hope there's some positive outcome after all the headache-inducing drama :| I'm hoping for some focus on education. We need good education and right now it's just not happening.

    1. Yes I am also hoping that soon to be PM does something about education system in India. There are loads of expectations from him and I am hoping for the best.

  4. I hope that everything happens...
    But it will surely take time...

    I pray that the something happens... :)

    PS: I wish that you remove the Captcha

    1. Ya I hope change happens.....

      P.S: I removed the captcha!!



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